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Marc Pageau
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First of July.

Today is Canada's day.

As everyone knows, Canada is one of the greatest democracy in the world.
For example, I've never heard yet insulting comments from Canadians towards anybody who politically thinks differently.
I think that Canada is one of the most tolerant democracy in the world.

Since I've started to realize political cartoons at the beginning of the Iraq war and I've submitted them to Deviant Art, I've been insulted as I never was in the past, only by some courageous frustrated Unitedstaters who didn't appreciate my sense of humour...
Maybe, I suppose that it is because I shoot right in the middle of the target with most of my little cartoons. I'm always surprised by the « power » of these kind of images on people.
The « democratic » frustrated Unitedstaters don't seem to see their own contradictions when they insanely insult someone who expresses his opposite views in a democracy. They are very near of FASCISM. The problem is that they don't seem to understand it. It seems to be a concept too much hard to understand...
Please, note that most of these courageous frustrated Unitedstaters made their comments in an anonymous way. When you go to their Deviant userpage, most often, you can't see their real names!!!

Now, I collect the dirty insults as sort of TROPHIES in my cartoonist carrer :

- Insults by the deviant artist  ~Idaho-Deviants :
« your US bashing is idiotic nonsense. there's one thing i hate more than bush, and that's a stupid liberal...that's almost an oxymoron... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist =darkfortears :
« Way to go, idiot. »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~manwha-lab :

- Insults by the deviant artist ~onetouchtakeover :
« grandpa, dumb shit, stupid, motherfucker, unappreciative ass, dick head, shut the fuck up, bitch... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~minibond411 :
« you jack-ass, you lieing basterd, you pansy, another dumbass cartoon, even glogauer, whom I have no respect for, closed-minded as you, YOU DAMN HACK... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~longhunter :
« i haven't seen such B.S. since those cartoons the Nazi's drew in the 1940's, again you vomit forth your own particular brand of hate and verminous diatribe against things that you really have no idea of, Any two-year old can accomplish what you have done, momma's boy wet-dream crap fantasy,  Good art, but sadly lacking in judgement, good taste, truth, or realism... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist !titmouse711 :
« kanook, expert at "SHIT"!!! Canada stinks, socialist gov... »
This deviant artist had been banned from Deviant art for at least a month for heavy harassment on my Deviant userpage.
I know his true name : KEITH POLZIN, shotgunner in the U.S. army, 48 YEARS OLD!
During that month, I received several hatemail and hatecomments on my personal blog such as :
« pretty chickenshit, Mommie's boy, snitch, COCKSUCKER,  Frog faggot, Your toons SUCK, pinhead, Fag, your toons suck shit, liar, Fruitcake, commie, Very lousy art, asshole, You SUCK Kanook Frog FAGGOT, Your artwork is less than mediocre... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist =RoMoCOP :
« i cant believe idiots think the war is over oil... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~shinygyarados :
« You liberals really are paranoid, you whiny morons just want something to complain about... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~stilgar :
«  What an Ass........, What a goof........ »;

- Insults by the deviant artist !JediBAMF :
« Kum Bai Ya, bitches!... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~Le-Christoph :
« anti-Bush/war/Iraq/America crap... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~PALUZZI :
« Be as anti-American as you want... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~moxy :
« this piece of artwork lacks any meaning at all. it's just a nicely drawn piece of crap... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~zephier :
«  Why don't you use your drawing talents and apply them to something creative and meaningful. It only makes you look like an idiot... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~ChrisRobinette :
« But that's probably a much too complicated concept for you to grasp, That Canadian mad cow beef getting to your head mate?... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~chibiq :
« french AND canadian... boy, can't get much worse than that, little anti-war puppet... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist *ninebreaker :
« I find your whole argument very stupid and moronic... as well as ill-prepared and unthought out, You'd be a good political cartoon artist if you'd take your head outta your butt for once... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist *adonihs :
« wtf? this is stupid, dont bash on the Military you jackass lets see you go out there, Commando, punkass... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~referee-ray :
« you're simply an imbecile, balancing on the fine line between pre-pubescency and maturity... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~bonesvt :
« if we had a war with Canada, we would whoop their ass, hippy ass faggits... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~vaneral :
« jackasses like ya'll, This war was a good thing, despite the idiot, IGNORANT protesters, you are merely being a hippocrite, get your frickin' facts straight and quit believing in the liberal media... »;

- Insults by the deviant artist ~mav1999 :
« What you just said, was one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever read. At no point in your RAMBLING, INCOHERENT diatribe were you EVEN close to ANYTHING that could be considered a rational thought. Every one who has read it is now DUMBER for doing so. May GOD have mercy on your soul... ».

Thanks to all of them!

As you can see, the U.S. democracy looks much more weird than the Canadian one.
And that's the kind of democracy the Bush's administration wants to implant in Iraq!
Poor Iraqi people...

Now, I am REALLY proud to mean something to these people!
It seems that my little drawings have strange strong power!!!

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jingsee Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008
and you're nothing but a fucking moron
MkShinji Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008
and your and idiot good sir, it's like your a broken record player repeating that phrase your a fucking moron, your a parent then your a pretty horrable one, using such language, your setting a bad example for your wife and kids.
jingsee Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2008
at least I can spell and use grammar correctly.
by the way, what made you assume I was a male? can females not cuss? must they follow every example of their husbands?
(1 Reply)
MkShinji Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008
and your and idiot good sir, it's like im listening to a broken record player with you saying fing moron, if your a parent then your setting a bad example for your wife and kids buddy
jingsee Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008
nothing but a fucking moron
Blackrabbit98 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
ok, ive looked at all your anti troop cartoons, and actually read every single comment. They are great stylistically speaking, but im going to agree with the rest of my soldier brothers. You have no idea what it is like to be a soldier, or to live in a combat zone for that matter.
I relise my comment will be read by blind eyes, and fall on deaf ears. Your art is only created to stir up anger. Its as if you draw, ironically, for the forces of evil.
The one question i have is: Most of the time your response to a pro war comment is the fact that your suprised a comment is made in response to a piece that is real old. Do you honostly think that after a certain period your excused from your terrible, ignorrant, mean-spirited art?
Debate the war, support the troops.
Go Army.
MrPendulum Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2007
Your work is really good. I have a saying, humanity is a really, really, really fat guy and when god tells the fat guy to lose weight he becomes anorexic, but when god tells him to gain weight he gets even fatter than before.
AngusMcLeod Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
Eh... mais t'aurais pas déjà travaillé quelque temps avec Safarir?

Moi qui me demandais hier ce que tu étais devenu :lol:
kingpuppet Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2007   Photographer
Well i guess everyone is entitled to there own opinions and that is what im fighting for.

It saddens me to some end that you choose and possibly whole heartedly feel this way about the united states military.

Sure we may have fucktards who slip through the cracks but mainly the united states military comprises of men and women who are intelligent. The events that happen (friendly fire) is regretable and ruins lives on all sides of the incident. When someone who doesn't serve and views from the outside in makes comments in any form of media is truly blind to the fact that his ego and self image is more often than not dirtier than those he watches.
I've been to Iraq, Kuwait, and Korea in my career so far and wouldn't you know it the people i serve next to are the finest human being out there. to see that people green side mocking at my country that i serve is dumbfounding.

1st ammendment doesnt cover "Fighting Words" and you, as far as im concerned, are spiting them at me.
i'll sit by though and still ill fight for your right to an opinion. Just don't expect me to allow you to look me in the eye.

Lcpl Laine
IraqiDeviants Featured By Owner May 31, 2007
Love your work
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